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Over hundred restaurants newly registered as Muslim-friendly in S. Korea
Writer : 관리자 (halal@world-expo.co.kr)   Date : 17.07.18   Hit : 299

SEOUL, July 17 (Yonhap) -- More than 100 restaurants inSouth Korea have been certified as Muslim-friendly this year, the state-runtourism promotion body said Monday, as the government attempts to attract moretourists from the Middle East and Southeast Asian countries.


The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) said 117 newrestaurants joined the government's halal restaurant certification system thisyear, putting the total number at 252 nationwide. The program was launched lastyear.



Halal food refers to food products that are prepared in aspecific way according to Islamic Sharia law, which covers not only meat butalso fruits and vegetables.


The KTO said 75 percent of those restaurants are located in regional cities other than Seoul.

The tourism agency adopted a rating system to meetdifferent demands from the Muslim population, dividing the restaurants intofour categories, ranging from those which have been certified by the KoreaMuslim Federation (KMF) to those who provide halal dishes along with others andthose who sell food with meat but no pork.


South Korea has been attempting to overcome the sharpdecline in the number of Chinese visitors in the face of a diplomatic standoffover the deployment of a U.S. anti-missile system here. The Beijing governmenthas banned its travel agencies from selling travel packages to South Koreasince mid-March in apparent retaliation over the THAAD deployment.


The KTO plans to hold a two-month halal fest for localsand travelers from September to October, during which foods made in accordancewith halal rules will be introduced to the visitors.

The tourism agency earlier said it aims to secure 1.2million inbound visitors from Southeast Asia and the Middle East for this year.In 2016, some 980,000 Muslim tourists came to South Korea on a trip, up 33percent from a year earlier.


link -> http://english.yonhapnews.co.kr/news/2017/07/17/0200000000AEN20170717003500320.html



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